How do you make a baby?

How do you make a baby?​

Making a baby usually (but not always) is done in private. In the presence of people who love and support each other, often dim lighting, away from public view and ears shot. In this space people connect, explore and trust each other. They show things they have never shown anyone else, do things they have never done. You do this in an environment you create to suit you, whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, lounge room floor or backyard, it makes you comfortable to express yourself. ​

When a man and woman come together, a great exchange takes place. They move in sync, exchange glances of love, make an energy connection, touch and most of all release a rush of powerful hormones cementing the connection between the them. For a woman this is oxytocin. The wondrous hormone of love. The rush of pleasure runs through her creating a feeling of utter ecstasy.​

How do you birth a baby?​

During pregnancy the levels of oxytocin increase, and come the day of labour a woman is absolutely saturated with oxytocin. She is literally filled with love. She needs to express this love and birth her baby. To allow the release of oxytocin a woman needs to be comfortable, feel safe and secure. In private, dim lights away from public eyes and ears. Surrounded by people who love and support her. In this space she will do things she has never done before, she can connect with her partner. They will move in sync, exchange glances of love, expand their energy connection, massage, hug, hold and allow the oxytocin to flow. ​

Could you do this in a bright hospital room, hospital gown, strange smells, people knocking on the door, people talking in the corridor, doors opening and closing, clock watchers? Could you make love in a hospital birthing room? Baby’s come out the way they go in. The best way to have a positive birth experience, is to do it in a space you feel your most comfortable and open, with those who make you feel so. A fellow midwife once told me she plays two audio tracks to her antenatal class. One of a couple making love, the other a woman labouring. No one can tell the difference.​

Birthing can be a sacred, empowering experience for a woman. Holding her, her partner and their baby in arms of love. When choosing and creating your birth space, don’t forget to ask yourself, could I make love here?

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