What is Intuitive Intelligence?

Watch this brief video to give you a beautiful explanation from Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, Principal of The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, about what Intuitive Intelligence is.  The Institute is leading a revolution in the intuitive sciences.  Founded in 2014 by Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D., the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence is a training hub for the greatest spiritual superpower we possess: intuitive intelligence.  Intuitive intelligence is the practice of turning intuition into a sense we not only trust, but actively live.

What is Intuitive Intelligence Method?

The Intuitive Intelligence® Method is a guided journey to access and clear your subconscious fear so that you may come home to your infinite personal power, unlimited intuition and wild abundance.  Intuitive Intelligence® is the process of moving from simply knowing we are intuitive to trusting and living our intuition.  There is one thing that prevents us from living in partnership with the Infinite and accessing the lives of our highest purpose and joy. And that is our unmet subconscious fear.  

What takes place in a session?

I identify, clear and release the events and experiences that have blocked the flow of grace, or Universal flow, to you. These events are rarely the ones we consciously carry around. If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously you are working on them, then a reading will provide immediate relief and clarity.  I am one of 13 practitioners world wide.

The method includes:

  • Identifying the subconscious fear blocks ruling your life. We do this by accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the past life in which the subconscious fear began;

  • Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;

  • Reading each chakra (energy point running along the length of the spine to the top of the head) to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and soul that may be causing physical illness or emotional imbalances, as well as difficulty in finding purpose, success and ease in relationships.

Who would benefit from this work?

EVERYONE!!  If you are willing to permanently let go of the wounds that have prevented your personal success and happiness, then the connection with me as your guide and the profound Universal energy I access will change everything for good.

At the moment I am called to only work with women, this is a powerful tool that can help women prepare for birth, recover from trauma, transition in and out of relationships, exploring your relationship with sexuality and your body, anywhere you are holding fear, this is for you.

Everything in existence is either Love or Fear.  If it's not Love, it's Fear.

Please note information on the Intuitive Intelligence Method and the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence is direct from Dr Ricci-Jane Adams at  I have completed 12 months training with the Institute and am a qualified practitioner of the Intuitive Intelligence Method.  

Code Of Ethics
  1. Confidentiality.  All content of sessions, information received in verbal or written form, your process and experience, all remains confidential.  And will only be exposed if legally required.  Written notes are taken from each session, and stored to standard confidentiality requirements.

  2. Competence.  As a practitioner, I will only work within my skill set.  Maintaining evidence based practice, and techniques.  I endeavour to continue relevant Professional Development to provide my clientele with the most up to date, quality service.

  3. Responsibility.  As a practitioner I will recommend clients seek appropriate medical care if their needs exceed my qualifications or scope of practice. 

  4. Consulting.  I will not work with anyone under the age of 18yrs old.

  5. Client Relationship.  I will respect the client’s emotional, mental, sexual and physical state.  My work is based on the concept of Full Bodied Consent, this will always be respected.

  6. Financial.  All fees and financial obligations are clearly stated in written correspondence between practitioner and client.