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Temple Of She trains women to be Gold Standard Yoni Massage Practitioners.  This training was created to revolutionize the industry and provide you with the best possible practitioners.  This is what you are worth.


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Alison Reminis

Jervis Bay Area, NSW


I am your Erotic Maven.  I am a daughter a sister, wife to an ex-military husband who still works away from home; mother of two children who are beginning their teenage years, and also child care and social worker.

And most importantly a woman who truly believes feminine power and strength is best achieved when we support, love, embrace and raise each other up.  I believe in the power of touch, as it can convey so much: it can caress, nurture, love, support, heal, connect, and transfer energy while making a person feel safe, emotional, worshiped, sexy, important, and held. Through Yoni Massage, sensual connections from touch can take a person to all of these places you, as the woman, just need to be willing to travel.

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Amberlee Finals-9 (2) - Amberlee Carney.

Amberlee Carney

Wellington, New Zealand

Two years ago, I was miserable. I felt powerless, disconnected, in complete agony and at the same time completely numb. I was tired of hating myself. I was tired of being tired. Enough was enough. I wanted to feel unconditional love for myself and live with freedom and joy

As I did the work and became to love and accept myself I discovered pretty quickly that so much of my worth and power was connected to my sexuality and how I suppressed myself. When I heard about Yoni massage. It felt like a remembering.  As a result of this work, I found so much more than a deeper connection to myself - I felt a deeper connection to the rising of the feminine..  As much as it was about me – it was not about me. Through my own sexual and personal liberation, I felt the awakening of all women into their sexuality, power, and freedom. I felt years of conditioned shame and guilt falling away from us all. I want to give you permission to do the same. To step up. Be brave. Reclaim your power. Transform your life. Awaken with me.

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Kate Stein

Jervis Bay Area, NSW


I hold a safe space for women to be held, heard and heroic for themselves. To provide an environment for women to feel safe, find their voice and power, through the magic of openness.  I believe in women having a voice, feeling free and empowered to live their life in tune with themselves.

I didn't always have these belief systems about women's well-being and needs. I haven't always felt I was good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough. I started my life as a Dairy Farmer because I thought that was all I would ever be good enough to do. I had serious self-image issues.

Now, as a 39 year old woman, I have evolved,.  My deep love, compassion, power, fierceness and truth I have today, comes from the heroic women I have cared for along my journey as a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Midwife, Nurse, Teacher, and Student., and now as a Yoni Massage Practitioner. 

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Laura Elizabeth

Perth, WA


Founder of HER Centre in Perth, Author, Erotic Maven and Intuitive Holistic Therapist. It is Laura’s intention and purpose to be of service to the evolution of our collective consciousness.


Reaching as many women as possible, providing a safe and authentic space to facilitate access to their full power. Inviting you dear one to step up and remember, reconnect and reclaim your truth and power utilizing the rebirth of ancient practices such as Yoni Massage and other sacred women’s medicine.


Laura promises that wherever you feel called to work with her, your life will be transformed!

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Marigold Ferguson

Levin, New Zealand

Kia Ora I am Marigold Marama. Space holding is infused in my being. The divine feminine is infused in my being. Space holding for the divine feminine is my gift. I am a wild being, as a child I needed space for my wildness, connection and closeness. But I was also fully in tune in my need for space of my own. Be it in a tree, tucked up in bed, speaking with my imaginary friends.


My personal experience of pregnancy and birth again gave breath and life for my ability to hold space for myself, speaking my needs, seeking and utilising my inner power, birthing my babies naturally and at home. 

Naturally my path led me to Midwifery. Where I have witnessed women in their ferocity, love and power, birthing their babies and in turn rebirthing themselves. 

The accumulation of all this magic has led me to become a Yoni Massage Practitioner.  My skills of communication, connection and intuition support me in this powerful work.

 This is what the world needs. The divine feminine to rise and blaze. She will heal us, our ancestors, our world.

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Kelly Wolf

Canberra, ACT

Once called "The most orgasmic woman on the planet" by USA sexological

expert and founder of Explosive Sexual Healing, Ben Rode.

I believe that every woman is energetically coded with the power and

potential to unlock the secrets of her feminine spirit and divine Sheba

nature through the awakening of her orgasmic core.

And that when a woman fully opens to the infinite possibilities of

her Orgasmic Potential, then she awakens to the infinite possibilities

not just in her intimate relationships but in every aspect of her life.

It's why I do this powerful work.  It’s an experience that changed my life. It led me to fully owning my gift and finally acknowledging my true power and purpose: to lead other women to a true orgasmically awakened existence. 


Kelly is the founder of Sacred Union Yoga & Dance, a Sacred Sexuality

Teacher, Yoni Massage Practitioner and Motivational Speaker.

She's also a devoted mother, burlesque dancer and self-confessed self-nourishment sensualist, who sets her soul on fire by lighting the way for women to expand into their highest potential without ever leaving

themselves, their values or their personal creativity behind.

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Lola Richards

Gold Coast, Queensland

My specialty is holding space for you, Goddess; to reclaim your health, wellness and sexuality within each aspect of the Self where there is a disconnect. To unleash your authentic Self, connect with your Divine feminine sensuality, and tune into previously untapped levels of self-love, pleasure and vitality; to reignite your Fire of Life into an awed and untamed wild blaze.

The beauty of witnessing a woman trust, surrender and release, allowing her feminine essence to flow into the safe, present, boundaried, masculine container I hold for her, has transformed my life and capacity to express love beyond measure.

As the Tantric Priestess and Maven of Yoni Massage, I will lovingly hold your hand and open the door, but it is you who decides to walk through it.

Thank you, Goddess, for trusting and allowing me the pleasure to witness your body melting, your heart expanding, and your Yoni opening like a rare, exquisite flower. I worship you. All. Of you.

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Rosie Finals-2 - Rose Sing.jpg

Rose Sing

Albany, Western Australia

The wild woman archetype is a strong force in me. From the very beginning, I chose something different. Time and again I chose the wild, untamed way using my intuition and following my heart.

I instinctively knew medicinal and culinary herbs from a young age. As a teen I understood that my body wanted nourishing whole foods. I trusted my ability to give birth the wild woman way, at home and in the water. My body remembers the ancient pelvic floor dance, now known as belly dance.

As I evolve spiritually so too my work unfolds into a powerful weaving of Jing (sexual) and Chi (life) energy. It is the combination of my life’s learning, that I believe will offer my clients a potentially deeper healing experience. 
I am here to hold, guide and welcome you home to your own innate knowing and healing

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